Candidate Fever Hits the Nation -- The Incumbents Respond with
Political Rock & Roll Comedy at Portland's Gold Room, January 5

As the attacks and counterattacks escalate, the claims and disclaimers multiply, and political hopefuls try to claw their way to the top, rock and roll and comedy comes to the rescue: by popular demand, The Incumbents make a return appearance to The Gold Room, 512 Warren Ave. in Portland, on Saturday, January 5, starting at 8:30 p.m.

Rolling your eyes at the antics of the Dems, Repubs and everyone in between? Iraqed to the hilt, Iraned to the max, and scandaled beyond all limits? The Incumbents will help you start the New Year laughing, grooving and rocking to the whole crazy mess.

The Incumbents' incisive political parodies spare no one, covering a rollicking mix of  everyone from Johnny Cash to Pink Floyd, Amy Winehouse to The Beatles, with all-new, bitingly sarcastic, laugh-inducing lyrics. This first performance of the new year comes hot on the heels of the release of their new single ( which has received reviews from the likes of Bill O'Really: "This recording is exactly what I'm talking about," and Baroque Obama: "The Incumbents speak to the driving events of the day in a voice that is unmistakably loud."

See them for yourself while enjoying food and drink specials in the spacious, well-heated confines of The Gold Room. The program includes parody political commercials, short sketches and an opening standup comedian.

The Incumbents: searingly funny lyrics. Great rock and roll. Outrageous political comedy.
A show that picks up where the other cover bands leave off...and never lets up!

WHAT: The Incumbents -- Rockin' political parody
WHERE: The Gold Room--512 Warren Ave., Portland (Tix $7 at the door)
WHEN: January 5, 8:30 p.m.



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